Top Ten Reasons to Join Toastmasters

Top Ten Reasons to Join Toastmasters

1. Effective communicators are valued in any organization.  Employers want good communicators because customers are drawn to them.  Best communicators get the best jobs.

2. Developing leadership skills.  Activities in meetings, such as the chair, toastmaster, and general evaluators are all valuable in providing direction for others, and other opportunities exist at the executive levels of Toastmasters.

3. To develop Teamwork skills.  To inspire and motivate others looking to reach the club goals primarily being to see everyone advance we all get better by working as a team.

4. Developing listening and interpersonal skills.  Learn to understand what others are looking for by being sensitive to the audience’s needs, and how to tactfully offer constructive criticism.

5. Meet new contacts and friends.  All kinds of people join toastmasters.  Understanding and learning how to interact with all kinds of people is a strong asset in today’s world.

6. To grow as a speaker.  Connecting with an audience is a great experience that awaits members who work your way through the Toastmasters program.

7. To gain valuable feedback on yourself.  It is not easy to understand the impression we give others.  In Toastmasters we will help you become aware of how others perceive you.

8. To think through issues.  Writing speeches and knowing you’ll be saying it in front of your peers is a good way to focus your thoughts.  Share your thoughts and passions with others.

9. To feel better about yourself.  Getting better and builds self-confidence and self-esteem.  Others will recognize you as a leader.

10. To Conquer your fear of public speaking.  From participating in business meetings to actually doing speeches. You’ll be ready to step forward and impress job interviewers and run business meetings.  You’ll be a leader.

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