Welcome to Capital Toastmasters Ottawa


Welcome to Capital Toastmasters,

Capital Toastmasters has been a part of the Ottawa community for almost 60 years: it is one of Ottawa’s oldest Toastmasters’ chapters.

Capital Toastmasters strives to provide a welcoming and jovial atmosphere where peer-learning happens on a weekly basis. Each member at a weekly meeting is there to help and encourage each other through the means of constructive criticism and general support.

We encourage guests to come and visit to find out the many ways in which Capital can help you meet your leadership and communication goals.

New members are given 2 manuals: Competent Communicator, and Competent leader. The Competent Communicator manual has 10 speeches;  each one identifying key objectives designed to prepare you for any speaking engagement. The Competent Leadership manual helps improve the skills so as to have a successful toastmasters meeting. The program is a self-driven curriculum guided by the two manuals. After each activity or speech, another member will perform peer evaluation to provide the speaker with valuable feedback.

Our meetings follow the typical Toastmaster structure and are designed to provide speaking opportunities for everyone in attendance. In each meeting, we have three sections: opening roles; prepared and impromptu speeches, and evaluations. There are a variety of meeting roles depending on the speaker’s comfort level and amount of preparation prior to the meeting. Members are asked to sign-up the week before the meeting so they have adequate time to prepare their speech.

During the meeting, my personal favourite is Table Topics. This is an opportunity for members to “speak-off-the-cuff” on a subject about which you may have little knowledge. We, as club help members, create some structure to these impromptu speaking opportunities. This is where guests could participate, if they so choose.

We as a club are fortunate to have a very diverse group of members coming from a variety of backgrounds and demographics. We always have tons of fun – as well as dynamic and informative meetings. We are lucky to have senior members that lead by example, providing valuable advice as to how others can improve their speeches.

The club executives are committed to making our meetings dynamic and supportive for everyone. I encourage our guests to reach out to our executive team and tell us what you liked about the meetings and how we could make your learning experience better.

We look forward to seeing you in the near future.


Margot Booth

President, Capital Toastmasters

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